Participate in a discussion related to this topic.  Some areas you may want to explore are things such as patient fears that they will become addicted or nurse fears that they will contribute to patient addiction – how valid are these fears? How is pain managed in someone who is already addicted? When you have a range of pain medication that can be given, such as 1 – 2 tabs or 5 – 10 mg of a drug, how do you decide how much to give?  Use of a dosage range “fell out of favor”, but in some areas, may be making a comeback.  What do you think about that, as it obviously gives nurses a lot of say in how much of a drug they give?  And what about the whole problem of this rampant abuse of prescription drugs – including by teens/young adults who raid the parent’s medicine cabinet?  The FDA recently banned generic versions of the original formulation of OxyContin because of widespread abuse due to its easy crushability.  This is a great drug for those who need it for pain – will they now suffer because of lack of a generic version, and thus must pay for the name brand? (the newer version does not crush easily, but turns into a jelly like substance, making it harder to abuse).  It may now be harder to obtain hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab), probably the most widely prescribed medication, with it moving from Schedule III to Schedule II. 

Lots of different things that can be explored with this topic – so have at it.  You don’t necessarily have to address each of the items I have mentioned – just some things to get you thinking about the overal topic of pain medications.  I look forward to reading what your experiences may have been related to this and what you have to say! Don’t forget to review the Rubric for Discussions.

The posting directly addresses key issues, questions, or problems related to the discussion activity. The posting is thought provoking and genuinely engages the material by offering original or thoughtful insight, analysis, or observation that demonstrates a strong grasp of concepts and ideas pertaining to the discussion topic.

Narrative word count is 500 words or more.

Two (2) current, scholarly nursing references (articles <5 years old). You can use your textbook as a scholarly reference.


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