What have been the changes between two recent dates in the sizes of the rural and urban populations?  For data, go to the United Nations Population Division at http://www.un.org/en/development/desa/population/publications/dataset/urban/urbanAndRuralPopulationByAgeAndSex.shtml, and also UN-Habitat at http://unhabitat.org.  Are data available on rural and urban differences in rates of natural increase?  What are the long-run historical changes in the percent urban?  Do urban places tend to have relatively high or low population densities?  What is the density of the rural population?  Go to the website http://maps.google.com and click on the satellite view so that you can visually contrast the differences. Are there any studies available of rural or village life in your countries, with which you can contrast the human condition in the cities?

The two countries are Peru and Latvia


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