persuasive speech

    Make it simple no big Words
    Write it like you say it


Airbus A380 airplane is the safest plane to be flying on
–    Based on personal experience & mechanical perspective


You must try to persuade your audience for or against a value, a policy, or a solution to a problem within your field of expertise/experience.  You’re the expert, and you are appealing to us as a decision making board. Choose a topic that is timely and important. Topics should be specific, reasonable, and achievable. If you don’t think you can accomplish your purpose in the time limits, the topic is not appropriate for a one-time speech assignment. (For example: Fix Climate Change! is incredibly broad and not achievable as such. However, “Tax low-mpg vehicles more” is far more interesting, specific, and doable.)

This speech must be 7-9 minutes in length. You will be docked 1% of your speech grade for every 10 seconds you go over or under the required length. You must also have a minimum of 3-5 sources for this speech.


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