in this activity, you need to analyze the funding that will be required for the policy which you will debate in your final paper and develop a platform for how you will sell the policy idea to the powers that be by addressing the financial impact of the policy on the organization, community, state or country. The policy is The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 in Virginia with APA citation throughout the paper with a minimum of 3 references. Basically, this paper speech is based on how we can fund for the opioid crisis in Virginia. What are the funding resources for the opioid crisis that we can present in front of the legislators and sell our policy idea?

Explore articles that are relevant to financial planning changes.
3. Write your speech using the criteria below and in the rubric. Be sure to include a reference page.
•    Greet your audience and get their attention! Be creative! What can you say that will make your audience sit up and listen?
•    Declare your purpose and topic for the speech. Introduce the policy that you have chosen and give some background information about the policy. Why is it important? Why is the speech important for the audience to hear?
•    Give an overview of what your speech will consist of….”First,….Next,…..Finally….”

•    Talk about how this policy can be financed. Be creative. For example, if your policy addresses the nursing shortage and your plan is to increase funding for nursing education at the Bachelor’s level, you need to determine where the increase in funding will come. For example, federal grants increased for nursing education and decreased for another program, hospitals may participate in a program in which they provide 4 fully funded scholarships/year and are guaranteed 5 years of practice from recipients, any CMMS participating healthcare organization who participates in the funding of nursing education at the $100,000.00/year level receives perk points to offset demerits (low HCAHPS scores, higher than average Hospital Acquired Infection rates)on CMMS reimbursement requirement scores, etc.
•    Details & Examples – When you reference a book, newspaper or magazine article, or person you must include a citation in your speech – just like you would do for a paper! For example, “According to the August 15, 2006 article in Newsweek……..”

•    Transition: Provide a sentence that will make it clear to the audience that you are now coming to the end of the speech.
•    Summarize the main ideas from your speech and any other information that you really want the audience to remember.
•    End with a final attention getter – you can refer back to something from your introduction!


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