Please respond to the following questions:  350 words total!

(Number your answers. Answer each question in a separate paragraph.)

1. Reread Henderson’s press release and Hurley’s blog post. What are the writers’ purposes? How can you tell? How do these purposes differ? How might they overlap?

2. Who do you imagine is the primary reader for Henderson’s press release? For Hurley’s blog post? Explain.

3. How effective are Henderson and Hurley a using ethos, pathos, or logos to reach their audiences? Which appeals do they rely on most effectively, and why?

4. Analyze the language Henderson and Hurley use. What do their words and tone suggest about their different purposes and audiences?

5. What are the most significant differences between the press release and blog post as genres? Based on these examples, what conventions of these genres can you identify? How do these conventions affect what the writers say and how they convey it?


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