For this work, please do not use any works cited to answer the follow questions, use you own word. Thanks

On the Philosophy of the State – Civil society has been characterized by the theory of the social contract initially
formalized by Thomas Hobbes and John Locke:
a. How do the two philosopher’s visions of the social contract differ? Explain in detail.
i. Does your law show evidence of Leviathan reaching into the American public policy domain?
b. Identify the following characteristics of the American social contract:
i. How did the Federalist Papers influence the ratification of the Constitution?
i. What is meant by “if angels were to govern men …”
ii. How does the U.S. government balance power?
iii. How does a bill become a law?
iv. How is a law implemented?
v. How is the constitutionality of a law affirmed?


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