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Nursing leadership has the onus to promote health as well as advocacy for the patient.  Nursing position maintains patient focus. Health care is an industry that focused on problem solving. Leadership in healthcare is dynamic and fast paced. During the period of time I have been enrolled in the MSN program at American Sentinel; I have held leadership positions.  The curriculum has allowed me to strengthen my leadership foundation. I have also learned far more than I expected. I have always agreed with trait theory to an extent. “The trait theory rests on the premise that leaders are individuals with innate traits of leadership” (Pidgeon, K, 2017). However, I believe that a leader should focus on continued professional development. This program has allowed that.  I have appreciated the curriculum for informatics as well as finance. I have also learned from my peers through sharing during discussion. Through program studies; I have identified my leadership style and worked towards improving situational awareness in order to enhance conversation. As I have developed; I believe I have enabled professional, collaborative relationships with both healthcare and business leaders. I have realized it is a nurse leader’s role to maintain an understanding of workflow, evidence based research, staff development as well as trends in healthcare to be the voice and representative of the nurse as well as the patient and family. It is the nurse leader’s role to assist business leaders to understand the complexity of healthcare in order to support the agenda focus on safety, quality and satisfaction.


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