You are TV news reporter who has been assigned to cover pop culture news involving your assigned country (Bangladesh, Japan, etc.). You are producing a news story about a contemporary pop culture such as dance, music, arts, books, movies, designs, etc. You can use several pieces of pop culture news and weave the information together into one. To have a profound news report for a grade “A”, you should write 950 words or more in your script

Introduce audiences to the pop culture.
Identify and explain two or more cultural, social, or political values reflected in the pop culture, each supported by reasons and facts.
What aspects of this pop culture do you like and dislike? Why?
What impressions and messages have you gained from the pop culture?
Make sure to include a strong, significant connection to India/China. For example, compare pop culture or political values of your assigned country with China’s or India’s.
Your product will be a news story.

Minimum slides: 8
Minimum length: 5 minutes
Title: your assigned country, your group, Your Full Name (e.g. Japan, China, Jane Doe)
Script (image description and narration + all you say in the presentation+ annotated Bibliography): 950 words or more.


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