The best memos go beyond storytelling to provide systematic analysis. The memos might address the following:
 How did the actual process and outcome of the negotiation compare to the
predictions of various writings on negotiation?
 What did you learn about negotiation, conflict, and/or power from the exercise?
 What did you learn about yourself or about other people in the exercise?
 How did your outcomes differ from those of the other class members? Why?
 If you had the chance to do this negotiation over, what would you do differently?
What I look for in grading memos:
 Understanding—Demonstrating that you know the material learned in the
course through discussion of the negotiation process and outcomes. Integrate
the concepts from class discussions and readings; each memo should include
reference to at least 3 of the readings from class. The second memo should
offer analysis and insights of which you would not have been capable before
taking the course.
 Depth—This analysis should be more than simply a recapping of the planning
document concepts or a play-by-play account of the negotiation.
 Learning—Explicitly address what you would do differently if you could do it
 Clarity and precision in writing.


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