MISSING LANDMARK: Define and describe a “Missing Landmark” for Ch. 15 that should be included in the next edition of LANDMARKS IN HUMANITIES; write a defense (i.e. the entry for future textbooks) in your own words (don’t copy from Wikipedia which is not only plagiarism but boring). At this point, you’ve had 14 chapters of examples. Include the ONE best image to summarize your landmark.  Post your paper on Discussion Board, copying and pasting it directly onto the forum AND attaching the Word doc; MLA format, 2-3 pages written engagingly for college students with the future in mind (so only include the most essential, lasting, vital info).  Give it context as relevant (e.g. social, political, economic, ethnic, philosophical, artistic).  As in your group presentations, mention a precursor (or two) from a previous chapter, and even a future landmark/s influenced by this one because nothing is created in a vacuum–culture is a network of causes and effects, actions and reactions.  Remember your editor wrote selectively, presenting only the most important, lasting details and an evaluation of its importance in the context of all 15 chapters. Write with your great-great grandkids in mind: what will be meaningful in 50-100 years?  Attach the Word doc AND copy/paste the text directly onto the Discussion Board!


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