The point of this assignment is to refine the ‘Title IX’ section of the Wiki page ‘Misogyny in sports’: using at least 3 reliable sources(academic articles, books, and/or other reliable sources). Adding an alternative viewpoint supported with evidence and/or adding to complexity to simplified claims.

1. You must contribute 2-3 paragraphs, of relevant, factual (encyclopedia-style) information to the entry ‘Title IX’ section of the ‘Misogyny in sports’ wiki page.

2. An annotated bibliography listing the sources that you found and used to support your claims. For the bibliography, each citation should be followed by a few sentences explaining: Why the source is reliable. How was it useful – specifically, summarize the information it provided and how the information was used to improve the wiki entry.

3. A two pages (double space) reflection on the process and results of editing a Wikipedia page. Briefly mention any other additional, minor changes you may have made to the entry in the course of your paper and respond to the following prompts:
a. What kinds of sources did you seek and why?
b. How did you choose to word your changes to the entry in order to comply with the Wikipedia neutrality policy?
c. Was the edit successful? What obstacles did you encounter? (Were you blocked or flagged for any reason?)
d. How has your research contributed to the entry? How does it constitute an improvement over the original entry?
e. What else might be done to improve the entry? Are there specific additional changes you would make if you had more time?
f. What did this assignment reveal to you about Wikipedia as a source of knowledge production.


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