Media Archaeology Paper Assignment

1500 words minimum, 2000 words maximum. Due October 14, 7:10pm

↳ Your task for this SHORT paper is to visit the informal museum of dead media hardware in Kerr Hall, look carefully at all of the objects and equipment stored there, and pick one to research and write about. (I would strongly recommend taking a photograph of the object through the glass window so that you can try and identify it via the Web and describe its features.)

↳ Kerr Hall is open 8:00 to 5:00 weekdays. Go downstairs to the basement level. The museum is in two cabinets: one located by rooms 118 and 119, the other between rooms 156 and 160. PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER PEOPLE WORKING IN OFFICES NEARBY.

↳ Your paper should include:

a description of the object (What does it look like?)
• a photograph of the object, if possible
• a description of what it does and how it works (Some objects may be mysterious. If you can find this information through online or library research, that’s great. If you can’t figure out what it does, try to figure out its function through its appearance. Be a detective. Is it a recording machine? Does it capture sound? Does it capture images? Or is it a playback instrument? Does it work by itself, or does it require other objects to work?)
• A brief discussion about the kind of media that was made with this object, or the kind of media that this object played back. • A brief discussion of the most recent media that have superseded or remediated your media object and the advantages/disadvantages of each.
↳ Please remember: this paper is only 1500 words minimum.

You must do original research, which can be online or in books, newspaper or magazine articles, or primary documents. You may not cite Wikipedia or online reference sources like online encyclopedias. However, you may use other web resources that contain references to your object. There are many media history resources on the Internet.
You must include references to the materials you have used to write this paper.
Citations must be in Chicago Manual of Style format. See
• Citations that simply state “Web” are unacceptable. You must include a full URL with the date you accessed it. See the Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide (above) for guidance.


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