can you summaries three website and make it as a report. My topic is Media and study: many people like to have something playing when they study whether music or video. Others prefer to turn off all distractions, including their phone. As a group. Investigate the effect of different media on people’s ability to memories something.
And choose three websites about this topic and summaries and paraphrase you will write introduction and body1(website one) and body 2 (website two) and body3 (website three) and conclusion. Each body 123 write 500 words.
Examples to understand more. Searching about the negative effects of media on study” listening to music during study. The positive effects of media on study”” watching a video lessons from YouTube. And I will send to you an example of the report how I want it.
Note” don’t use strong English words on the report because it’s not my first language and be careful they will use a program for plagiarism and use good website such as org or edu and co then cite the websites in APA style.


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