Please include 6 references no more than 5 years old
Create a document summarizing your planned evidence-based practice project( increase hand hygiene compliance within Ambulatory surgery center).
Subheading:This should include the problem: decrease hand hygiene OR personnel, the research evidence used to validate the project’s need,

Subheading:include the research evidence used to validate the project’s need

Subheading: the project’s planned intervention: multifaceted approaches promoted hand hygiene compliance more effectively than approaches involving a single type of intervention. Interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance :Additionally, education with written information, direct observation.reminders and continuous feedback on performance were found to useful. Surveying OR employees about their own hand hygiene practices, knowledge, attitudes,and product satisfaction, Use of a multidisciplinary team.

Subheading: Describes systematically how the quality improvement project(improve hand hygiene in an Ambulatory surgery center) can be implemented in practice.

Described each section of the capstone project as discussed in the executive summary

Subheading: Problem: Hand hygiene compliance is considered a major quality performance indicator,Retrospective data showed that the hand hygiene compliance rate in our ASC had decreased to a discouraging 20%, 71% 75%, and 86%.  .
Subheading: Background: The contamination of healthcare workers’ hands can lead to the transmission of health-care-associated pathogens.
Subheading: Purpose: Hand hygiene is the primary measure to reduce infections.
A simple action, perhaps, but the lack of compliance among health-care providers is problematic worldwide.
Subheading: Timeline:every 2 weeks, monthly, then quarterly
Budget: The study found that within 14 days, a rate nearing a little more than three of every 1000 patients experienced an SSI. At 30 days, the rate had increased to almost five of every 1000 patients, surgical sites in an ASC was relatively low (3.09 per 1,000 ambulatory surgical procedures).
Proposed implementation: WHO has established a multimodal implementation strategy to improve compliance with hand hygiene
Evaluation: after 5 weeks of observation all surgical staff are at a 100% compliance

Planned evaluation criteria (project outcomes assessment), and the project’s anticipated outcomes:  After baseline assessment of the local situation regarding hand hygiene, regular monitoring is very helpful to measure and demonstrate the changes induced by implementation it can help also to ascertain whether promotion activities have been effective in improving hand hygiene performance, perception, and knowledge among
OR personnel.

Consider with consistent monitoring, organizations should be able to demonstrate significant improvements in hand hygiene adherence over time. By using multiple measurement approaches, organizations can also demonstrate increased structural capacity for hand hygiene, as well as awareness of the importance of hand hygiene and changes in attitudes among staff and patients. The ultimate goal is to be able to demonstrate sustained improvement over time.

Include summary information from all elements of your proposed project


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