Interview three couples of the following types, and ask them the questions below:
Couple 1: Married for less than 5 years. Couple 2: Married for more than 10 years. Couple 3: Married for more than 20 years.
Interview Questions:
1. What did you know about your mate before marriage?
2. What would you have liked to know about your mate before marriage, even though it probably would not have made any difference?
3. What qualities does your mate have that are important to you?
4. Did anyone make suggestions on how to find the best mate before you were married?
5. What were those suggestions?
6. What were you looking for in a mate? Did you have any clear idea of what you wanted in a mate that you would spend the rest of your life with?
7. What advice would you give your children and grandchildren about finding the right mate?
8. What are the most important qualities does the right mate has to have?
9. If you were seventeen, again what would you look for in a lifetime partner?
Analyze the responses received and provide a discussion on the results. Use paragraphs rather than listing ideas. Be sure to touch on the following in your response: Commonalities, differences, main themes or takeaways across all interviews. What did you learn about communication in marriage and how it changes over time? What factors support or hinder martial satisfaction? If you were to talk to a couple that is engaged to be married, what tips or advice would you give them based on what you have learned? Use credible research sources to craft your discussion and not just your opinion and cite resources using APA format.


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