Answer each question fully.
Needs to have at least 4 peer articles with a minimum of being no than 4 years old
Introduction paragraph

What is your vision for a new and improved healthcare environment and what needs to
change for your vision to become a reality?
How will you as a nurse with an advanced
nursing practice degree begin the transformation?
Do you see yourself as an evolving transformational leader?

******For this I am attaching my strength base assessment. please read accordingly****
Use the strength-based assessment findings to contemplate the strategies for leveraging
your leadership strengths to facilitate improvement.
How can you use your strengths to build effective teams?
What strengths from others do you need to build a successful team?
Reflect on how your strengths could potentially weaken your team’s success. Based on
your assessment, how will you begin this important work as a leader?

*****For this I am attaching some article that needs to be referenced.*****  *****These that are attached are not counted in the 4 peer review I asking you to find.**** 
Integrate a variety of leadership models and theories from textbook and or relevant
peer- reviewed readings into your strategic plan to maximize your leadership skills


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