Option #3: Movie Analysis Paper
•    Identify a movie of interest for which to base the paper and subsequent analysis
•    Select a character from the movie from which to conduct a leadership analysis
•    Provide a summary of the character and identify the characters leadership style
•    Provide detailed examples from the book of how this leadership style was exhibited in the characters interactions with others, response to conflict, interpersonal relationships, etc.
•    Reflect on how other characters responded to this leadership style.
•    Thoroughly discuss connections to the course text and your own research related to leadership styles.
•    Find one scholarly article related to the leadership style demonstrated in the movie. Discuss how the article discussion/findings relate to what was seen or read in the movie selection.

Paper should be 2-3 pages covering the above topics.

Please  paper should be 3 pages excluding cover or reference pages. You can give just provide the link and i can do the reference myself cos i dont want it to look like its part of the pages


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