Choose one of the two questions below to explore, learn more about, reflect on how you will use the information in your life, and discuss in the Module 6 Reflection Discussion forum. Your paper should be a minimum of 300 words. Use your etext as one source and at least one other credible source from a website organization, professional journal article, or book. Use APA Style for formatting in-text citations and references of your sources.

After posting your paper in the discussion forum, respond to a minimum of 3 other student papers by writing a minimum of 100-150 word Comment post, using and citing at least one academic resource in each reply. See the Course Schedule and the Course Rubrics pages in the Syllabus Module for due dates and grading information.

Question 2 – Laws About Sex (Ch 20)

There are many laws in the United States dealing with sexuality. Is there anything uniquely sexual that should be regulated in law? In other words, are illegal sexual behaviors illegal because of their sexual content or because of other facets of the behavior? For example, the etext argues that there is a “legal structure of discrimination against homosexual people,” pointing out that sodomy laws are applied disproportionately to homosexuals and that laws against their marriage result in many legal disadvantages. Are there behaviors we should or should not attempt to regulate with laws? Is there any reason to have sex laws at all? Does the sexual nature of an already illegal behavior modify it such that it should receive a different sort of approach? For this discussion paper and if appropriate, you can use some of the research that you conducted for your PBL Topic.


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