Please follow this format for your paper:

A. Title: Create a tight, succinct title that describes your project. It’s ok to use a quote, followed by a colon and a fuller (or shorter) description. Think of papers you have read; how have they been presented? Imitate the ones you like best.

Example: “Children’s Language Acquisition in the First Three Years of Schooling: The State of Knowledge Now”

B. Key Words: Professional papers are indexed by key words that help authors find articles. Choose 3 or 4 key words for your project, and separate them by commas.

Example of Key Words: children, language, acquisition, schooling, playgrounds

C. Presentation: 10 Minutes – Check the schedule in the coming weeks (OAKS, Weeks 14 and 15) for date and time.

Your presentation should be related in some way to language and culture.

You may wish to include a Power Point (Prezi, etc.) presentation. One is not required, but decide carefully if images will improve understanding for your audience.

Think of your presentation as a “delivered paper” in the sense that it follows your title and abstract and teaches your audience something about your research into some aspect of language and culture.

Try to use at least three (3) good, reliable sources. Don’t use Wikipedia for evidence; you may start there, but definitely do not finish there!

Divide your 10-minute talk into an introduction, body of evidence, and conclusion. Leave the audience “wanting more,” so that you might generate a few questions.

D. Structure of Paper:

Your final paper should be a broadening of your title and abstract.

It should be a written version of your presentation.

You may include images in your final paper, but if you do, be sure that they do not detract from your overall page count of 5-7 pages, including bibliography.

Your paper should include each of these five items: your name; your chosen title; an introduction; a body of evidence; and a conclusion.

It should be scrupulously edited and proofread (no misspelled words or sloppy grammar), word-processed, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Use Times or Times New Roman 12-point font. Please do not leave wide gaps between paragraphs.

It should include a bibliography of at least three sources, presented according to the Chicago Manual of Style Guide (notes and bibliography format). See OAKS, Week 6. Use at least one scholarly book and at least one scholarly article written in the last ten years. Use only one Internet source.

This is a link of my prezi on Language in the Media that the paper should be about.

Annotated Bib on three sources


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