Read the following case carefully and answer the prompts below. Responses should be 500 words or longer. APA style required for formatting and any references used.
Jessica is a case worker assigned to work with Juanita, a single mother to two children who is receiving in-home supportive services for her children.  In her training to become a case worker, Jessica was instructed not to take food or drinks given to her by clients.  The purpose of this is to maintain a professional boundary and for the case workers’ safety. Juanita, a Guatemalan-American, insists on giving Jessica a bottle of water every time Jessica visits the home.  She expresses her gratitude for Jessica’s services and insists she take a bottle of water.  Juanita and her children live in a low-income household and Juanita receives government assistance through food vouchers.

What do you think Jessica should do when Juanita offers her the water bottle? Should she accept it? Why or why not?
Evaluate the cultural factors that influence your decision.


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