this will be a half of a draft for a 5000 words research paper studying Korean popular culture which called Korean wave,and its globalization trend.
– in the first part(introduction), you should define and introduce Korea wave and talk what does it mean to South Korea and its culture industry/communication industry, why we pick Korean wave as the case a worth studied topic to South Korea. and how it shows its globalization these years. then talk about the brief history of the development in recent 20 years of Korean pop culture/Kwave(1-2pages).then talk about the rational why we are going to use Kpop and Korean tv industry(drama and reality shows) as the case to analyze this topic, and how they help with pushing korean culture and Kwave to the world.
– in the second part, you should first talk about the characteristic of kpop, mainly analyze Kpop’s positon in Korea wave and introduce the music and entertainment industry behind it. and how it influence the Kwave. and analyze why it can be so popular among asian area. use specific cases and data to prove your statement.

No conclusion section is needed for this paper!!
combine the instruction here and the outline, to build up the structure for the paper. an paper related to kpop is also attached, hope it can help you a little bit.
provide at least ten sources of reference.


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