Hi! I am a  management major student and my professional interest is that be a HR.  Please write a Informational Report by following these instructions.

Topic: Problems, controversies, or “hot topics” related to your field of study or research or professional interests
Audience: Instructor and Peers
Purpose: To report information gathered from an investigation of problems/controversies/”hot topics” in your field and identify one you may want to pursue as a research topic
Tone: Informative and professional
Format: Memo

Instructions: Draw from your existing knowledge, and informal research as needed, to provide information about problems, controversies, or hot topics in your field (i.e. issues that are currently receiving a lot of attention either within your field or in the general population, or important issues that you think are being neglected). With your specific career goals and personal interests in mind, narrow in on one of these problems/controversies, find an article that speaks to the issue, and inform your audience of the nature of the issue as you understand it and as the article addresses it.


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