Need to select a problem in need of a solution related to adult development and aging. Research and analyze information about it, and apply to learn by proposing a possible solution for the problem. The presentation must be developed using research material from at least 3 academic scholarly journals.
Part One: Issue Analysis- in this section of the presentation, you will demonstrate knowledge of the issue you selected by describing and comparing various aspects of it. This portion of the presentation should not attempt to discuss every possible problem associated with the issue you selected, but rather should focus on just one problem that you find interesting and compelling enough to want to solve after conducting your issue research (use a narrow focus).
Part Two: Application- Application requires putting into action one’s knowledge and ideas about a problem and how to solve it, which in this case are informed by scholarly material you reviewed in the writing of Part One. In this section of the presentation, you will demonstrate the ability to apply what you have learned when researching the issue you selected by hypothesizing about and recommending possible solutions that could be used to address and improve the situation examined in your Issue Analysis. The goal here is to attempt to solve the particular problem you identified in Part One, not to introduce additional problems or identify every possible solution. The presentation needs to be 8 slides. I will also need a Title slide and Reference Slide. First-person and second-person pronouns and personal story sharing should not be included. The presentation cannot contain more than 3 direct quotes. The presentation should begin with a brief introduction followed by a focused, organized, and clearly articulated discussion of the issue in Part One, Issue Analysis, followed by your recommendations for solving a particular problem related to it in Part Two, followed by a brief conclusion summarizing the problem and your proposed solution. Needs to be APA formatted.


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