Read Chapter 1: Film history: Sources, Methods, Approaches
Read Chapter 2: World Cinemas: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives
Read: Handy Film Noir Infographic
Watch: A Trip to the Moon (1902) dir. Georges Melies

Take a moment and recall a film you’ve watched recently.  Think about it through the lens of the “how to watch films like a professional” link.  Now, compare and contrast it with the silent film, A Trip to the Moon.  What are the similarities?  What are the differences? How do you think that society has impacted both films? 
Your response should be between three and four paragraphs, not including your introduction and conclusion. Also, the short paper is expected to be properly cited.

1. Chap1, 2 in uploaded files
2. “how to watch films like a professional” film
3.”A Trip to the Moon” film
4. Handy Film Noir Infographic


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