Drawing from the knowledge you have gained of creativity and innovation
processes within an organisation from individual, historical, contemporary and global
perspectives, present how your own creative and innovative process within an
This should culminate with a proposal for the application of an
innovation of your own design.

You are required to create a POWERPOINT presentation looking at the role of creativity & innovation within a chosen organisation and putting forward an idea for an innovation for that organisation.

Your Powerpoint should include:

 A proposal for an innovation supported by your analysis and a visualisation of
    that proposal
 An overview of the role of creativity and innovation in your chosen business
    organisation which includes consideration of the wider contemporary context
    of the industry sector chosen
 Demonstration of your familiarity with key terms and concepts pertaining to
    creativity & innovation
 Mind-maps and evidence of your ideation process ( notes, sketches, etc)
 Evidence of self-generated research
 A list of the sources that have informed your enquiry formatted according to
    Harvard standard


Section 1 – Introduction / Climate, Culture & Innovation Processes & Models_____________

Begin this section by introducing your reader to your chosen organisation, providing a brief outline of the analysis, evaluation, proposal and its rationale. This communicates to the reader that you have taken a thoughtful, structured approach to your research and the writing of this assignment. Then, undertake a wide-ranging analysis and evaluation of the culture & climate and innovation processes & models used by your chosen organisation, demonstrating familiarity with key theoretical readings. (600 words approx.)

Section 2 – The Innovation concept.______________________________________________

This section should build on the analysis and evaluation in Section 1 to suggest a theme and direction for a future Olympic event as well as outlining a proposal that effectively leverages the innovation capabilities of your chosen organisation in the staging of the event(s).
Provide commentary on the process of ideation that lead to this proposal, justifying your decisions by pointing to evidence that supports your decision making. (750 words approx.)

Section 3 – Strategy and Vision._________________________________________________

Conclude by articulating the how your proposal ‘sits’ within the future innovation strategy you have envisioned for your chosen organisation, outlining what that strategy is. Here you should look to demonstrate that you have considered current trends and future directions in innovation (in a global business context as well as technologically and socially).
(650 words approx.)

Section 4 – List of references.___________________________________________________

Use in-text Harvard citation throughout the report to support your assertions and include a list of references in the Harvard style.

There should be a minimum of 10 relevant, substantive sources cited and present on your list, including those from academic journals, etc.

Section 5 – Appendices (not included in the word-count)______________________________

These should include;

1)    Evidence of your research and ideation process, from your work on the formative assignments and/or from independent study. They should be presented in three separate appendices under the headings; Culture & Process, Ideation and Strategic vision.
2)    A summary of key theoretical readings that have informed the work. Minimum of 2, (100-150 words approx.)

THIS MY OLD PRESENTATION ON PREZI: enter the link to see the presentation!

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Feedback to Learner

11/02/18 21:06
A rather vague proposal  – exactly what and how Barclays are to use ‘cloud computing’  in ways they’ve not already considered is not made clear. This is more a suggestion than a proposal therefore. This is odd as it’s clear that you’ve done some research, going by your good use of citations. I like that you’ve endeavoured to link your learning  and the proposal to theoretical frameworks. Good attempt to to define the relationship between creativity & innovation ( albeit a bit muddled in the communication). The Prezi works structurally but the sequencing ( forcing the viewer to click back through the central ‘planet’ for each element) could have showed more thought. 

the total length of the Powerpoint is 2000 words divided between 15 slides!
you need to take the prezi on cloud computing and take it as an example but do not make a prezi it is a powerpoint please.

“And for the choice of the innovation i was thinking about (self driving vehicles) but if you cannot find enough information choice an other one”


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