Find an article about one of the module topics for Week 3, Week 4, or Week 5:
1.    Marketing to Attendees, Exhibitors, and Sponsors
2.    Exhibition Sales
3.    Selecting Service Contractors
4.    General Services Contractors
5.    Registration and Housing
6.    Risk Management
7.    Conference and Meeting Management Principles

You may use a print or online source. You may use a research article from an academic journal. You may use an industry publication. You may use a newspaper or magazine. You may use the web to find an appropriate article. Your resource must be specific to the trade show industry. Be sure you do not select an advertorial, editorial or press release. There are many websites that publish trade show industry related news (e.g., trade show news network (TSNN), bizbash, mashable, skift) and industry associations provide news articles as well (e.g., IAEE, PCMA, MPI).

The article you choose must be at least 2 pages in length.  If you can’t find an article of this length, select 2 or 3 shorter articles. You can copy and paste the text onto a blank word document to see how long the article is.

Clearly state which topic you chose. Provide an electronic copy of the article(s) or links to a web resource(s) that you used. Write a minimum 1 full page paper (single-spaced, 12-size font, 1-inch margins) that includes a brief summary of the article (about a paragraph or two) as well as a paragraph or two of your reaction to it. For example, the first half or less of your paper should be the brief summary and the latter more than half should be your reaction. The weight should be more on your reaction rather than the summary. Remember, a summary of the article is not a direct copy of paste of the article onto your paper. Note: A paragraph should contain at least three sentences. Less than a page is not considered a full page.


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