We will begin with the thesis which will serve as the roadmap for your paper.  After engaging with the materials provided, you will draft your own thesis statement as part of this assignment.

Next, you will begin to tell the story of the case study you have selected. When telling a story, it is important to present the story in the order that the events occurred. So, you will want to collect all the different sources you have found that tell various parts of the story.  You may even need to conduct a bit more research on OCLS to fill in the gaps of your story. It is often helpful to assemble all your sources in chronological order. Then, carefully compose your narrative by discussing the details of your case study in the order that it happened. Be sure to include the citations for the sources you are using as you write. If you get stuck, feel free to look back at some of the case studies we have already read in this class to see how those authors presented their case studies. You may also want to make an outline of the case study to help you write.

Make sure that your submission is a well-polished draft.

compose a 500- to 900-word Case Study Analysis that includes at least three (3) sources that support the details of the case study. Include the following sections and use headings shown below in bold to organize your submission:

Title page: Include an APA-formatted title page that includes your working title for your paper. To review the formatting regulations for title pages, refer to the American Psychological Association guide

Working Thesis Statement: Draft a thesis statement that provides a “roadmap” for the paper. Your thesis statement should be only one (1) sentence. Hint: Be sure to engage with the course materials that discuss how to write a thesis statement, and review again the sample paper provided in earlier Workshop materials.

Narrative and Analysis: Tell the story of the case study.

This section should be between five and seven paragraphs, each beginning with a clear topic sentence. Tell the story chronologically as you cover the important events and information related to your case study.

As you write, keep in mind that the end of this paper will result in “Lessons Learned.” So, you will want to highlight the details of your case that will speak to those lessons learned presented at the end of the paper.

Reference page: Include a Reference page, in accordance with the formatting regulations outlined in the American Psychological Association guide

*****I only put for 2 pages for additional information and research. I will need all the information to be added together as needed (going to be more than 2 pages).


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