rubric attached
1. Summarize the content of the selected article.
use link below (no other sources)

2.Discuss how the article relates to a topic or concept covered in your textbook readings. **(This article relates to chapter 11, bellow are learning objectives covered in this chapter)**
Explain the importance of human resource management, and describe current issues in managing human resources.
Learning Goal 11-02: Illustrate the effects of legislation on human resource management.
Learning Goal 11-03: Summarize the five steps in human resource planning.
Learning Goal 11-04: Describe methods that companies use to recruit new employees, and explain some of the issues that make recruitment challenging.
Learning Goal 11-05: Outline the six steps in selecting employees.
Learning Goal 11-06: Illustrate employee training and development methods.
Learning Goal 11-07: Trace the six steps in appraising employee performance.
Learning Goal 11-08: Summarize the objectives of employee compensation programs, and evaluate pay systems and fringe benefits.
Learning Goal 11-09: Demonstrate how managers use scheduling plans to adapt to workers’ needs.
Learning Goal 11-10: Describe how employees can move through a company: promotion, reassignment, termination, and retirement.

3. Identify and describe your personal reaction to the article.  Why did you choose the article?  What is significant about the content of the article?  What did you learn or understand better as a result of reading the article?
Create a Word document for your summary.  The summary should be approximately 1-2 pages long (250 – 500 words) using Times New Roman, 12 font, and double-spaced.  Be sure to proofread your summary and cite your source using APA format.


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