The Case is attached in the attachments!

1.    Quickly read the case. If it is a long case, at this stage you may want to read only the first few and last paragraphs. You should then be able to
2.    Answer the following questions:
1.    Who is the decision maker in this case, and what is their position and responsibilities?
2.    What appears to be the issue (of concern, problem, challenge, or opportunity) and its significance for the organization?
3.    Why has the issue arisen and why is the decision maker involved now?
4.    When does the decision maker have to decide, resolve, act or dispose of the issue? What is the urgency to the situation?
3.    Take a look at the Exhibits to see what numbers have been provided.
4.    Review the case subtitles to see what areas are covered in more depth.
5.    Review the case questions if they have been provided. This may give you some clues are what the main issues are to be resolved.

When you are doing the detailed reading of the case study, look for the following sections:
1.    Opening paragraph: introduces the situation.
2.    Background information: industry, organization, products, history, competition, financial information, and anything else of significance.
3.    Specific (functional) area of interest: marketing, finance, operations, human resources, or integrated.
4.    The specific problem or decision(s) to be made.
5.    Alternatives open to the decision maker, which may or may not be stated in the case.
6.    Conclusion: sets up the task, any constraints or limitations, and the urgency of the situation.


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