At the heart of Martin Luther King’s civil rights convictions was an even more profound faith in the basic goodness of man and great potential of American democracy.  How was this belief reflected in Stride Toward Freedom?

This is asking you to consider MLK’s actions and his philosophy within the context of Stride Toward Freedom. It is not asking you about things that happened outside of the book. 

To receive a passing grade, you must have a thesis statement, body paragraphs, conclusion, and an argument that directly addresses the prompt.

Your response should be 700 words long, double spaced. You must submit your response on canvas as a .docx or .pdf file only by the due date. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Feel free to quote from the book, but use these quotes sparingly and selectively. If you use quote be sure to cite. For example, (King, 87) would be fine.


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