Heart disease plagues the United States today. There are many influential factors that research has linked to heart disease. Describe the factors in today’s society has led to the rising incidence of this disease. Make sure to support the relationships you cite with at least four scientific, research references.  Sources of these references must come from scientific, peer-reviewed journals.  Visit the library or search the e-library for articles on your chosen chronic disease. The National Institutes of Health (nih.gov) and Centers for Disease Control (cdc.gov) are also good sources of information of the topic. For submission write a paper (750 words) and be sure to cite references according to APA format!

Grading Criteria for Chronic Disease Paper:

Grammar and Punctuation (20 pts)

APA reference style used correctly (20 pts)

Appropriate number of references used (20 pts)

Thoroughness of explanation provided (40 pts)

Total Points: 100 pts.


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