Question 1:
Explain how the following affect the role of the medical assistant’s practice and give examples for each: a) Negligence, b) Malpractice, c) Statute of Limitations, d) Good Samaritan Laws, e) Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, f) Living will / advance directives, and g) Medical durable power of attorney.

In addition, explain why health records are considered hearsay evidence and how the role of the health professional establishes the foundation and trustworthiness requirements for admitting the health record into evidence.

Question 2:

Most employers offer health insurance to full-time employees. Usually, part-time employers are not eligible for employee-provided health insurance. Some critics of the PPACA believe that, in response, companies are going to minimize the number of full-time employees so that they do not have to offer health insurance. Should the law require companies to provide health insurance to all employees both full-time and part-time? Explain your answer.


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