1) According to our lecture, the possibilities of HIT in relation to healthcare are limitless. Discuss what this may mean for the future of healthcare delivery. In your discussion, be sure to address the hesitation of older populations to accept technology. Would you personally be comfortable receiving surgery or receiving medications without human interaction? In replying to your peers, comment on their comfort level with such technology.
Be sure to cite your references as needed.
2) There is an old saying “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Discuss the significance of this as it relates to healthcare organizations. In your initial post, be sure to address the need to communicate the plan to all employees. In replying to peers, answer the following questions: Do you agree with their communication plan? What were the similarities and/or differences? Be sure to cite your main post as needed.
 Be sure to cite your references as needed.
3) When it comes to change initiatives, underestimating the impact of the implementation dip is the number one cause of failure. In your initial post discuss the main facets of the implementation dip. Develop a plan on how to prevent mishaps throughout the implementation process. In your replies to peers, discuss the similarities and differences in your approaches.
Be sure to cite your references as needed.


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