this is a group project and my part is question 8 and including question A, B, and C. you will have to read the document that i have uploaded, in order for it help you answer the question. this document has my groups work which will  help you answer the Questions. The work must match the study and work  that my group have done. the topic is about introducing health insurance in Sierra Leone, a country that have very poor health policies. reading the my groups work will help guide you to what needs to be done

All the reading you find must be cited please.

the question is:
(20 points) Literature review. Draft 1-2 pages of text explaining the academic background of your proposal for the reader. Your review should include complete and correct citations for all studies that you cite. Your lit review should include the following. Length doesn’t matter as much as content and including enough studies to give the reader a sense of the background and major studies on this topic. For each study, you should aim to be concise and succinctly summarize what they do and what they find. Aim for a maximum of 2-3 sentences per study; if two studies are similar and basically do the same thing then you can include one sentence and cite them both in the same line.
a.    Have their been published studies doing anything similar to what you are doing? (Same randomization and same outcome) If yes, list “a few” and put what makes your study different from theirs (time, place, content, scale, etc.) If no, why do you think that is the case?
b.    What other studies have been conducted that also measured the effect on your outcome?
c.    What other studies have been conducted that also (randomly) varied your intervention?

Please answer all the question


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