Watch the documentary “Sick Around the World”  online:

Respond to the following questions:

1. Select a health system/national health policy you are most familiar with. What are the pros and cons of that system? Based on your experience and observation, describe the extent to which the concept/ideal of “social determinants of health” is reflected in its policies and programs.  (15 Points)

2. In you opinion, what should be the roles or responsibilities of the government in ensuring its citizens to receive adequate health care service, if any? How so and what are the rationales or reasons behind your thoughts? (15 Points)


1. Length: At least 550 words for each question.

2. You may use information in video but please do not just provide a summary of the documentary.

4. Use at least three outside sources to support your points and use the ASA citation format ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) to cite sources.


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