Assignment Instructions
With the current trends in health care, to include rising health care costs, your employer has received a lot of information and needs your help in making sense of it all.  This is the information they have so far:
There are four types of plans: Major medical, qualified health plans, catastrophic plans, and gap (short-term) plans. 
The have some familiarity with the major medical plans: health maintenance organizations (HMO), preferred provider organizations (PPO), exclusive provider organization (EPO), point-of-service plans (POS), and high-deductible plans (HDHP).
…..but this is where it ends and the confusion starts.  They thought (1) Major medical and qualified health plans were the same thing; and, (2) Catastrophic plans were only for those organizations that are self-insured or maybe it is for when there is a tornado or something.  More puzzling to them is why they would even need to consider gap insurance.


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