Assignment Objective:  To provide students with a clear understanding of the difference between primary and secondary sources and the role each type of source serves in historical research and writing.

Students will read the articles below and provide in essay format a detail definition of primary and secondary sources. Students will discuss how best to read/approach these sources and provide 2 examples of each of these sources. Keep in mind students can find these examples within the materials required for this class. Essays should be 250-400 words. Also, students must cite all information borrowed from any of the above listed sources.  If a student does not cite her/his sources, she/he is plagiarizing and, consequently, will receive 0 credit for the assignment.  Cite all information borrowed throughout the essay in parenthetical format as well as include a works cited page. Student’s work cited page does not count as part of the word count.See attached grading rubric–Getting to Know Primary and Secondary Sources Rubric.docx


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