Topic of the paper: Impacts of human activity on soils.
Type of outline: Alphanumeric Outline.

Outline of paper:

Your paper should include the following parts to make a cohesive research paper; remember to transition between all of these parts, not just jump from one thing to the next:

Introduction: What will you be writing about? Why is it important? How does this scientific idea relate back to your life?

Body: The body of this paper has a number of parts: Literature review – what is the scientific basis for the experiment? What was your hypothesis? How does science support your hypothesis? What has been done in the past for these types of studies. (This section should be about 3 pages of your overall paper). Experiment – How was the experiment performed? What did we do and why did we do it? What were the exact steps? What materials did we use? Results – What were all of our findings? How can we use this data to form our conclusions? Did we have to find something out from the data we collected?

Conclusion: This should summarize what you discussed in your paper. We want to relate our results back to our hypothesis to form a scientific conclusion. Restate your thesis and the main support and have a concluding statement.



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