Discuss how one intervention or one prevention strategy is being used to support healthy behavior in your chosen community. Use the websites of the local health department or county health department to examine strategies being used.

Oscar post
When it comes to purchasing goods and services from certain companies, one of the first things I do is to research what types of social responsibility they wish to make. By far, most organizations nowadays practice social responsibility because first, they know that customers are keen aware and look to make business, purchases from companies who have some type of responsibility. Second, investors are also intrigue to invest in organizations that as well practice social responsibility; third, organizations know that by practicing social responsibility not only they promote themselves as a role model company, but the organization knows that doing good things for society pays off all around.
My current organization practices a lot of social responsibility, one of them is partnering with local food banks where we employ food drives at our workplace for employees to bring food items and meet an already set goal of amount of food we wish to donate to local food banks.
Another well established social responsibility my organization practices is that we stop any and all merchandise being brought into the United States where the company is suspected in practicing forced child labor, we do this in an effort to end child labor worldwide, but also to promote stability for those kids and create an environment where there are other options such schools, programs and most importantly just being kids.

Jesus post
I’ve always seen social responsibility as a virtuous circle for the companies and the environment, where the companies can have unlimited resources and guaranty of their long-term being. Even now I’m unable to understand how some companies do not apply it yet and they are more the kind of obstructionist or defensive that according to Jones and George (2020`), are the lower approaches of social responsibility that one company can take (p. 108). The benefits of being socially responsible are huge for the companies especially in terms of in one hand of more profit because of a good reputation and on the other hand through give back to the communities and provide better life or environmental conditions that eventually will benefit the companies too (Jones & George, 2020`, p. 110).
The company where I’m working on is taking a proactive approach of social responsibility, in the “Q2 Solutions” (2021) website it is clear the company has a strong responsibility with their employees and customer procuring they safety and well-being, also the company has a strong compromise with the environment to protect it, finally Q2 Solutions has also a big responsibility with the communities where clients and employees are. Also, Q2 Solutions supports charitable organizations like American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF). From me it looks like fair salaries and good work-life time relation is missing but maybe I just seeing insulated cases.

In your responses to Adreanna and April post, examine the intervention or prevention strategy they identified. Discuss whether you think the strategy identified would work in your chosen community. Be sure to justify your answer.

Adreanna post
 One healthy behavior that is being supported in my local community is mental and behavioral health. In 2018, Govenor Baker of Boston signed into law the Community Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention Comission. “The commission is charged with working to promote positive mental, emotional and behavioral health and early intervention for persons with a mental illness, and to prevent substance use disorders among residents of the Commonwealth.” (Community Behavioral Health Promotion, 2021). The push of focus on behavioral health in the Commonwealth came after a report in 2016 that identified mental health, along with substance abuse as a major issue in the community. Since the promotion and prevention commission the Massachuesetts Association for Mental Health has begun targetting areas that have proven to have disparities among their access to mental health services.  

April post
This prevention strategy for childhood obesity really grabs the problem at it’s source, the real, teach the fisherman how to fish concept. If we can teach them and give them the tools on how to eat, move, reduce stress, and sleep better we can combat obesity from early on. Children face the same struggles we do with obesity and excess weight, this opens up for other comorbidities like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. The New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center with the emphasis on minimally processed foods, and a low glycemic diet, with a focus on foods that do not spike blood sugar and insulin, aiming to to maintain overall health and weight loss (Boston Children’s Hospital, 2021). Since 2017, this organization provides a fit kit focusing on 5 main areas of health: nutrition, fitness, stress, sedentary life and sleep (Boston Children’s Hospital, 2021). The Fit Kit employs concepts like Youtube educational videos, trackers, physical programs to get kids moving, visualizations on what should each plate of food should incorporate, how to pair foods when hungry and to rethink your drink and promotes drinking water (Boston Children’s Hospital, 2021).


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