Between 30-40% of all food we produce never makes it into our stomachs. Growing this much food, most of which has the ultimate fate of the landfill, is a significant source of economic, social, and environmental issues. This assignment is to help identify where food waste happens in your day-to-day, and why it happens.

Food Waste Facts
The value of this wasted food in America alone is estimated to be $161 billion annually.
Wasted food accounts for 6–10% of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions.
Rotting food in landfills creates Methane gas – 25x more potent than CO2
1 in 7 Americans are struggling to put food on the table.
Assignment Objectives:
Research how much food you waste for 3 days (2 weekdays, 1 weekend day) and why it happens.
Identify the cost of the food you wasted.
Summarize what you found and reflect on your findings.
Assignment 3 Requirements:
Analyze your food waste habits for a 3-day period: 2 weekdays (Monday-Friday) and 1 weekend day (Saturday or Sunday). Record all foods and beverages that you waste during ALL meals and snacks, including all beverages (even water), leftovers at a restaurant or on campus, spoiled food in a fridge, etc.
Note: Please don’t overeat or act abnormally to avoid food waste. This assignment is to analyze your typical habits. Try not to let this assignment change your normal behaviors.
Use the template provided here  to answer the following questions. Please go beyond one-word answers when possible.
Provide MANY details (e.g., don’t just write banana – what type of banana? organic? fair trade? etc…or for why it was discarded, provide some context).
Do your best to estimate the food cost – we know you won’t be 100% accurate. Come as close as you can based on what you know about how much it cost for you to purchase it.
Write a 2-page reflection on what you’ve found. An informal yet professional tone is expected. Include responses to the following questions in your reflection:
What did you learn?
What types of foods did you most commonly waste and why?
How much did all of your food waste cost?
What surprised you?
How do *you think* your food waste habits compare to your peers?
Why do you think we waste so much food?
How much did all of your food waste cost?
Do you think you could waste less food during your day-to-day? How?
If you changed your habits, what kinds of public health impacts could you have (e.g., environmental, occupational, your own health (including economic health), the health of the population, equity, labor etc…)?

Effort and depth of food waste log [a total of 40 points]: Log notes demonstrate the student has put thought and energy into the collection and research of the sources of their food waste. There is in-depth analysis in the research and presentation of information.
Grammar, formatting, and instructions followed for food waste log [a total of 10 points]: Food waste diary demonstrates proper spelling and grammar, easy to read, formatted correctly, and follows all instructions.
Effort and depth of reflection [a total of 40 points]: Reflection is thoughtful, in-depth, addresses questions in the prompt above and demonstrates critical analysis of what you learned from this assignment.
Grammar, formatting, and instructions followed for reflection [a total of 10 points]: Reflection demonstrates proper spelling and grammar, easy to read, formatted appropriately (1.5 spacing, no more than 2 pages), written/presented coherently, and follows all instructions.
Total points = 100


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