Write 2 pages of reflection paper based on the questions and answer below

Qoestion1: Over the past five weeks, you have spent time looking at the many facets of being an adult student, being an online student. What assumptions or beliefs you may have had about education or coming to school that have changed over the past five weeks?

Over the course of the last 5 week’s we have done quite a bit of learning about ourselves as individuals, in relationship with others, and as students. I really didn’t know what to expect as this is my first time taking any kind of college course seriously. When I was challenged to identify what I expected from being a student at CCU, my expectation was to study hard and graduate within 2 years and work at the hospital as a healthcare administration. However, my main expectation was that it was going to be difficult to be a student again, that I was going to be listening to a lot of lectures and taking notes and then having to write a difficult paper or take a hard test. And that I would be doing it alone. I never expected that I would learn so much about myself or that I would connect with my fellow classmates a lot. During this first course I have learned that while my courses will be challenging, it’s nothing I can’t handle. My belief that God has put me here for a purpose has been solidified time and again with each discussion we have. I have connected with some of my peers in this class deeply, and I don’t want to lose touch as we continue following our paths in different directions.

Question2: How will you use what you have learned to be a more successful student?
1.    I plan on taking what I learned about myself and other personalities into each class so that I can connect more with my fellow students, because I learned that my classmates can be a huge resource in my learning. I always had this perception that the instructor was the only teacher, and I’ve learned that’s not the case.
2.    Having identified learning strategies that compliment my personality and learning about how to interact with different people and different teaching styles, I feel I will be a much more successful student.
3.    The Fear at the beginning of the course was very strong hanging over my head, however, it has been replaced by the excited anticipation of great outcome such as support from the instructors, online learnings strategies, and online libraries.


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