The presentation is not an exact replica of all writing in your paper but rather a high level overview of important key points when moving an organization into more of an agile/devops environment. A good practice would be to use the various sections in your paper as slide headers. 

Here are some good tips to follow and some things to avoid when putting together MS Power Point presentations:
The presentation should:

Include AT LEAST 12 slides; a cover slide, an agenda slide, a closing slide, and a references slide as the slide slide in the deck are included in this number.
Include speaker’s notes below each slide (think of these as notecards you would look at when presenting your slides – discussing in more detail each of the points you’ve made on the slides
Follow the power point rule of 5 to 7 (no more than 5-7 bullet points per slide and no more than 5-7 words per bullet point). This is a guideline but gets to the point that slides should NOT have every word that you’re going to say on them. They should be concise and high level – you will talk about each point in more detail when you present your slide deck.


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