Please choose ONE of the two clips posted on the CANVAS site and provide a close reading of the clip, paying attention to 2-4 aspects of the mise-en-scene (elements of the shot such as lighting, set design, costume, location, gestures, staging, blocking, facial expressions), cinematography (e.g., framing, shot distance, angle, duration of shot, depth of focus), and sound (diegetic and extra-diegetic). With your close reading you want to focus on two to four filmic techniques that stand out, or that you find the most compelling in this scene, and interpret how these techniques contribute into the key themes in the film or the overall patterns in the film. We are looking for a well-argued and well-supported reading that properly uses film language.  Please refer to the title and director of the film: Rear Window (Hitchcock, 1954), Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941).

Clip one: Rear Window (1:27:55 – 1:31:03)

Clip two: Citizen Kane (1:48:07 – 1:51:32)


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