The Book is attached. Please answer the questions as stated in the instructions and according to the book and also provide each question with its references
Lesson 3 Discussion
Review the two cases at the end of the chapter 2.6.1 “End of the Year Bonus” and 2.6.2 “Baby Samantha” on pages 31-33. Choose one or both case(s) and in 200-250 words, discuss how beneficence is set against a primary moral commitment. The goal of this discussion is to learn about beneficence. 

Lesson 3 Assignment 
Pick one or more of the following; beneficence, justice and/or respect for personal autonomy found in Chapter 2. Write a one-page (double spaced) paper discussing and describing “what are human beings about”? You may use definitions or scenarios in your writing. The goal of this paper is to gain a level of understanding of the structure of our moral obligations that can then be put to use in the class’s final project.


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