Begin by summing up the character you are writing about, briefly, mentioning the novel and the author, and stating the basis of your argument. This is your thesis statement.

Present reasons against your argument. Briefly summarize the main objections to your argument and provide any counter-evidence which might support those reasons. Discount them as a way to transition into your own main argument.

Now present the reasons for your argument. Support these reasons with evidence from the text and the secondary source.

Do not repeat your argument in the conclusion. Rather, end with a statement of impact; something memorable. This might be a quote from a third source, or a statement tied to the theme of the novel.

Here’s in one possible organizational plan that a student devised. It may work for your argument as well. You are free to approach it differently if you need to. For example, you may want to add more than one slide for the portion of the presentation which puts forth the in-depth explanations.

1. Title
2. Intro – summary of character (identity and traits) and thesis (your position)
3. Acknowledge counter argument and its possible support of a,b,c,
4. Discount counter argument and support with reasons x,y,z
5. In-depth explanation of reason x – include support from text and/or secondary source
6. In-depth explanation of reason y – same as above
7. In-depth explanation of reason z – same as above
8. Conclusion (statement of impact)
9. Works cited

when writing make sure to number each question as shown


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