Summarize the following 2 cases by answering the corresponding questions.

1.    What was the purpose of the action committees cre- ated by Electromation? Did the committees constitute labor organizations within the meaning of Section 2(5) of the NLRA? Explain your answer.
2.    When does a labor organization “deal with” an em- ployer within the meaning of Section 2(5)? Did Elec- tromation “deal with” the action committees? Explain.
3.    On what basis did the NLRB and the court determine that Electromation dominated and controlled the ac- tion committees?

1.    What reasons did the employer offer to justify Santillo’s discharge? What, according to Santillo, prompted his discharge?
2.    What evidence did the NLRB present to challenge the employer’s reasons for the discharge?
3.    When does the NLRB’s Wright Line test apply? What does it require? Does the Supreme Court uphold the Wright Line test?


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