You will write a 10 page final paper (You may write more but no longer than 15 pages) for the class that asks you to synthesize course readings and activities in relation to your core assignment. The final paper will be focused on what your stances are about community based research and practice, what kinds of issues and practices you think are critical and why, and what you are going to work on for your own practice. You should make connections to readings from class in your final paper. You are required to connect to at least 8 of the readings from the course. Please make sure to include a references list with your final paper.

Your paper should have the following sections at minimum:

1-3 Pages of overview and context. This should include an overview of the issue and organization that you focused on as well as some account of power and systemic issues shaping the context. You are welcome to pull from your group presentations!

3-5 Pages focused on your activity plan and its purposes. In this section it is less about sharing the specifics but in reflecting on it and how it raised issues of community based practice and learning. You should spend less time explaining the activity plan (we have it already) and more time on the reasoning and why this activity matters. You should take up the principles, practices, and outcomes that you think are important about it. You might also focus on what’s missing and how you might change it.

2-3 Pages that describes you own key strengths and some key areas of growth for you. You should explain why both of these areas matter.


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