The assignment: In 500-700 words, please explain how (if at all) the internet of things (IoT) affects, has affected, or will affect your life.  If you must exceed this limit, please do not do so by too much. You can consider the issue from any angle or perspective, provided the concept of IoT you use in your essay is not significantly different from the one discussed in class. 
Take some time to think about this – treat the essay as an opportunity to reflect on your own relationship to technology, and how (if at all) it shapes your everyday experience. 
Essay format: Please write this essay using a typical essay format, starting with a short introduction that leads up to a thesis. Your thesis should say something about how (if at all) the IoT, has affected, or will affect your life and why you hold that view. Follow the introduction with a few paragraphs on specific topics or ideas. Use concrete examples (from personal experience and observation) to support the main claims you are making in the essay. End with a short conclusion that summarizes your main idea and reflects thoughtfully on it. You do not need quotations or textual references in this essay.
Audience: I am the audience for this essay! Your writing may have some “voice” (personality, vivid words, strong emotions), but should be polite and appropriate for my eyes. A somewhat conversational tone is fine, but don’t be overly informal.
Format: Type your paper, double-space it, and put your name at the top left-hand side of the first page along with the date and the heading “Personal Reflection Essay.” In the center, write a descriptive title. Lastly, add page numbers. Upload your paper to myCourses under the appropriate heading.
Grading: Your work will be assessed based on the clarity of your argument and your writing. Your writing should be polished and you should aim to write expressively, with proper spelling and grammar.


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