Write 3/4 to a full page for each of the following topics.

DISCUSSION TOPIC: On-line and mobile mapping applications provide much needed information to the public in near real-time; is the analog map moving toward extinction? Reflect on your own experiences and respond to those of others in a constructive fashion. Where are the benefits and limitations of this technology in your opinion?

DISCUSSION TOPIC: The ability to share GIS data is a key priority for having digital geographic data sets. This fosters collective development and access to information at minimum cost. Discuss the merits and limits from the perspective of either private individuals, corporations, governments, or non-governenment agencies (NGOs).

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Services such as Google Earth stand to revolutionize people’s access to geospatial information. The graphical user interface makes digital global exploration a reality for all interested parties. Comment on some of the true benefits or concerns of this technology.

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Global Positioning Systems are improving navigation, search and rescue operations, and tracking items in real-time. Is the ability for mass tracking of individuals and their GPS-enabled devices cause for concern?

DISCUSSION TOPIC: What value do historical maps and air photos provide? Comment based on your experiences, thoughts, and knowledge about this topic. Comment on their support and integration with newer geospatial data products.


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