Discussion Board Synthesis papers are neither summaries nor simply your subjective reaction to the readings. They require thoughtful integration, analysis and synthesis of the readings. The papers are to assist you in applying and synthesizing course principles and concepts and identifying research ideas. It is insufficient to simply indicate that you did or did not like the reading. That approach will help neither you nor your classmate progress to a deeper level of analysis. In addition to your assigned weekly readings, you are to select, analyze and incorporate three – five academic articles published from those journals identified at the end of this syllabus as accessible for a research project. Please provide a bibliography of these articles with the synthesis paper. Among other considerations, the paper should include the following questions:
1.    What gaps have you discovered in the literature?
2.    What are the important research questions that need to be answered?
3.    What types of methodical issues will be face in conducting this research and how would the student approach resolution of these problems?
4.    What is your contemplated hypothesis?
5.    What are your expected results from the research questions?

Here are the questions that need to be researched — please separate Part A and B
Cite in APA style and ONLY use peer reviewed articles


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